Company specializing in the manufacture of

dental implants and prosthetic components

Who is Dentfix

Firstly, our company was founded in 1997 in Santa Rita do Passa Quatro - SP.

We are a company specialized in manufacturing dental implants and prosthetic components. In addition, we have been consolidated throughout its history through the development of new technologies.

Our goal is to provide implant professionals with the highest quality products so that with their skills and abilities they can achieve their purposes efficiently. We believe that smile is the sincerest way to thankfulness and satisfaction. Therefore, we are next to you, implantodontists, in the mission to produce smiles!

Why Dentfix?

Because our products are the highest quality, we work with the most recently technology in producing dental implants and prosthetic components.

In addition, it has a certificate of good manufacturing practice certified by ANVISA and we were rated with 5 stars by the Implant Institute.

Dr. Mário Perussi

Surgeon dentist is responsible for IMAPRO.
Mgst in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Traumatology,
Specialist in Implantology,
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist, Professor of the Course of Updating and Specialization in Implantology - FUNORT Lins - AOL.
Surgeon dentist belongs to the Clinical of Santa Rita do Passa Quatro as the San Lucas of Lins Hospital and UNIMED in the Bucomaxillofacial Area
DENTFIX Scientific Consultant for dental implants.
Recognized as Speaker of National Importance in the area of Implantology

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